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    Humanity is returning to the moon in a big way, and you are invited to participate in this historic moment. You don’t need to be mega rich or an astronaut. You just need to submit your artwork. We are accepting submissions only through partner organizations at this time. To learn more on how you can partner, please visit our FAQ page.

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We greatly appreciate your support to our mission. Together we will make Space accessible to people from every walk of life, and ensure it benefits all of Humanity.


Rocket launch to the Moon: November 2024

We will share details about submitted artworks and launch on our news feed as soon as possible

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Flight test & art celebration: January - October 2024

We will share details about submitted artworks and launch on our news feed as soon as possible

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Art submission deadline was December, 2023

We will share details about submitted artworks and launch on our news feed as soon as possible

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LunARC is part of the NASA-

inspired Lunar University

LunARC is a global not-for-profit initiative inspired by NASA’s Lunar University concept. We are a diverse community of people focused on social impact, collaborating on a voluntary basis, to put equity at the heart of the next generation of space exploration and development. We are driven by the principles of boldness, curiosity, humility and collaboration.

Our Vision
All of humanity deciding what it means to be a multi-planetary species.

All of Humanity should have a say in the future of space exploration.

We have the opportunity to shift future social contracts now. When cultural agency and accessibility is not decided by those with their hands on the existing power structure, revolutionary structures can seed and flourish.

Learn about our vision and more here.
Our Mission
Inspire humans around the world to dream, engage, and drive what happens on the moon, Earth, and anywhere humans may venture.

We are gathering a global, diverse array of artistic visions and cultural expressions of “offworld futures” to establish the first global art exhibition on the moon.

In subsequent missions, we will build the collection and expand to install specific art pieces on the moon, continuously measuring the impact of the lunar environment on the artworks and inspiring creativity with the interplay between off-world conditions and art.
Our Purpose
Provide an accessible platform to convene global voices inspired by questions about the future of off-world humanity.

We include marginalized voices that traditionally have not participated in the space conversation.

We also implement tools for developing and protecting the moon.
Our Core Values

✔ Equity and Inclusion: We value diversity in its many forms. We are committed to working through this together, finding our individual and collective truths, and reconciling with centuries of harm and inequity that have brought us to where we are today.

✔ Collaboration: We are better together. We encourage strategic collaboration to bring out the best solutions and strengthen the fabric of our communities. We assume that each of us has the best intentions, and we each acknowledge that we’re not perfect. When we make mistakes, we forgive.

✔ Impact: We strive to make a difference. We focus on results that matter to our communities, our environment, and our universe. We recognize that if we want to go far, we must do so through acknowledging the real effects we have on all of them.

✔ Stewardship: We are effective stewards of human, natural and financial resources. Our role as stewards is heightened by our offworld vantage point.

✔ Excellence: We challenge ourselves to do great work. We actively seek feedback to continually improve and evolve our practices and services.

✔ Learning: We approach questions with humility, curiosity and active listening. We believe iterative and directional learning is essential for adaptation, innovation, resilience, and relevance. We use experience and knowledge gained from the exploration and study of other worlds to help craft better futures for humanity.

✔ Service: The activities of our organization will develop as we grow and learn. We are responsive and flexible. We honor the creative force of evolving relationships. We meet people where they are, developing experiences, content, and outcomes together that advance our missions while being cognizant that our own mission also develops.

    What We Believe
    ✔ Provide an unprecedented perspective on new worlds, the Earth and humanity.

    ✔ Unify the public around an inspiring vision of exploration and learning for common good.

    ✔ Develop technologies for key problems in space and on Earth (e.g. energy, water, food).

    ✔ Train the next generation on 21st century skills & to be responsible leaders of the future.

    ✔ Create an engine for economic growth in breakthrough innovations and technologies.

    ✔ Serve as a primary gathering place for the global community to learn, discover, live, and work together in new worlds.

    Our Partners