Lunar Mission #1

Submissions Closed
Our inaugural lunar mission began with a simple yet audacious idea: to empower the underrepresented to lead the charge into space. We offered an unprecedented opportunity for artists from marginalized communities to be pioneers in a historic journey to the Moon, a chance for everyone to participate in something larger than themselves.

Why art? Because it speaks to the soul in a language that transcends barriers. Through art, we tapped into the universal human capacity for imagination and vision. Our aim was to establish a digital Lunar Community Art Gallery, igniting conversations about space exploration and empowering individuals to see themselves as integral to the journey, regardless of their circumstances.

Committed to bridging the digital divide, we collaborated with nonprofit organizations focused on education, poverty alleviation, refugee assistance, Indigenous rights, and more, ensuring that no one was left behind in the journey to the stars.

With the support and generosity of volunteers and corporate, foundation, and nonprofit partners, we surmounted financial barriers and logistical challenges to make our vision a reality. Together, we collected over 30,000 art submissions from 40 countries, showcasing the diverse creativity of humanity.

This mission was contracted through our partner LifeShip. We're journeying to the Moon aboard Firefly’s Blue Ghost lander, launched by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Our destination: the majestic Mare Crisium on the lunar surface, which is visible to the naked eye. In this first mission, the art will remain inside the lunar lander for as long as the lander remains on the moon. While this is largely a symbolic moment, there will be key activations back on Earth, and subsequent missions will expand on the art gallery by adding new contributions that may have aspects such as physical installations, projections, and interactive interfaces (depending on the advancement of technology).

Deep Space Mission #1

Submissions Closed
Once we finalized the Lunar Community Art Gallery collection, an extraordinary opportunity arose: a chance to include a small sample of the collection in a capsule destined for an asteroid flyby mission. This capsule will embark on an interstellar trajectory, journeying for the next 30 years into the farthest reaches of our solar system!

A mosaic of 25 images, along with LunARC’s vision statement, will be etched onto nickel NanoFiche technology designed to endure for a billion years. Together, we're not just reaching for the stars—we're sending our hopes, dreams and aspirations soaring into the depths of the universe!

This remarkable mission was made possible through our partnership with LifeShip. The payload will be carried by an AstroForge probe, propelled into space by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

Lunar Mission #2

Submissions close on July 31st 2024
Expanding upon our initial lunar mission, we aim to broaden participation and deepen the quality of contributions over the next few years. Our aim? Engage over 2 million people worldwide to weave a tapestry of narratives, ideas, and solutions that illuminate our profound interconnectedness, guiding us toward a sustainable and equitable future.

Taking a small yet mighty step towards this goal, we've secured passage aboard Astrobotic’s Griffin Lander, headed for the Lunar South Pole. Our partners, Lunar Codex and NanoFiche
played a pivotal role in this achievement.

This mission will focus exclusively on amplifying the perspectives of Indigenous communities worldwide. We invite them to share stories, narratives, and images reflecting their relationship with the Moon, stars, and celestial bodies, along with wisdom and guidance for humanity's journey into space. By honoring these perspectives, we highlight our historical connection to the stars.

By starting with the rich tapestry of our ancestors, we aim to set a precedent for broader community involvement.

We're actively seeking partners for this mission, which is still at the design stage. If you represent an Indigenous community or are an organization that works with Indigenous communities, and wish to learn more, please contact us There's no cost to join.